Dingoes are not domestic pets, do not touch or feed

Dingoes have been seen at Mount Buffalo for many years. Parks Victoria rangers have recently noticed dingoes in areas popular with visitors. This is likely to be a result of dingoes searching for food. Visitors have also been seen feeding dingoes which encourages them to approach people.

Julien Atherstone, Area Chief Ranger, Ovens said: "It's important that visitors do not feed or interact with dingoes as they are wildlife that should not be confused with or treated like domestic pets

Julien also said: Dingoes are listed as a threatened species in Victoria and protected on public land if beyond 3km of private land. The dingoes sighted at Mount Buffalo are beyond 3km of private land.

NOTE - Parks Victoria supports the wild dog control program that DELWP currently implements at the base of Mount Buffalo to protect livestock from the impact of wild dogs. The Wild dog control program is developed by DELWP in partnership with the community.